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Is your relationship stressing you out?

Relationships, whether a marriage, a long-term relationship or a dating relationship can have a global effect on your life. When your relationship is going well it can have a positive effect on most other areas of your life. However, when you are experiencing stress in your marriage or relationship, that stress tends to spill over into other important areas of your life as well. This is why it is so important to learn how to eliminate the stressful things from your relationship and create a happy and fulfilling one.

How is your marriage or relationship impacting your life?

I want you to ask yourself some questions and answer them as honestly as you can. I want you to get a clear understanding of how your relationship problems are affecting you and your life as a whole. How are the problems in your marriage or relationship affecting you on an emotional level? Are you feeling frustrated, angry, hurt, betrayed or neglected? Maybe you are feeling depressed, anxious or hopeless. Perhaps you feel that your significant other doesn't listen to you or doesn't seem to care about the way you feel. Are you afraid to express the way you feel for fear that you will just be misunderstood or that an argument will ensue?

Whatever emotions you are experiencing, I am certain they are having an impact on other areas of your life. Is your work suffering from a lack of focus or from feeling depressed and overwhelmed? Maybe you are in school and your grades are being affected from spending all of your energy on arguing and worrying about your relationship. Problems in your marriage or relationship also tend to have a ripple effect on your other relationships. How are your friendships and relationships with other family members being affected? What kind of impact are these problems having on your children or your family life in general? My point is that relationship problems don't just affect you, they affect your social circle, your work, your family and many other areas of your life.

What about your sex life? Do you still have one? If you do, how has it been affected by the relationship problems? Maybe you notice yourself not being physically attracted to your significant other anymore. Perhaps you have been feeling hopeless that you will ever have a sexual relationship anymore. Do you feel like your spouse or significant other cares only about sex? Maybe you feel starved for attention because your partner no longer seems interested in sex. Problems with sexual intimacy usually indicate bigger problems in the emotional realm of your relationship.

How much time have you spent trying to resolve the problems in your marriage or relationship?

How much time have you spent being frustrated by your relationship? Has it been weeks, months, or even years? How many sleepless nights have you encountered where you are angry, frustrated or worried about the state of your relationship? How much time have you spent arguing with your partner or avoiding your partner? Maybe your time has been spent trying to solve your relationship problems to no avail (reading books, watching talk shows, surfing the web for answers, etc.).

Time is one of life's most precious commodities and it is something that you cannot get back once it is lost. I know that none of you want to waste your time being frustrated or worried about your relationship. You want to spend your time enjoying life and having fun. How much is it worth to you to have your time back? Imagine being able to spend time with your loved one doing fun and exciting things. Reclaim your precious time and start enjoying your relationship by seeking help for your relationship problems.

How much money have you spent trying to fix your relationship problems?

How much money have you spent on quick fixes for your relationship problems? Perhaps you have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on self-help books and marriage retreats that yield short term change but have not produced any long-lasting change. Maybe you have spent countless dollars on alcohol or prescription drugs to help you manage the stress and anxiety caused by your relationship problems. How about the toll on your physical health? Stressful relationships create physical stress in your heart, mind and body. How much money have you spent in visits to the doctor's office for for increased health problems? Wouldn't you rather be spending your money on something else? It is frustrating to work so hard for your money and then find yourself spending it on trying to solve relationship problems, especially if what you are spending your money on is not working to solve your problems.

Invest your time, money and energy where it belongs.

There is one thing I know for sure; there is no quick fix for relationship problems. It will take time, money and effort to make lasting improvement in your relationship. If you are already spending time and money trying to fix your relationship problems with no avail, then why not spend it on something that can produce long lasting change? This is where I can help. I have helped countless couples overcome their relationship/marriage problems. They are now living happier and healthier lives with each other because they chose to put their trust in me by investing their time, money and energy with me. I guided them through the process of creating emotionally strong relationships with healthy communication. I can help you overcome your relationship problems too. All you have to do is decide that you want a healthier and happier relationship, a better life overall, and contact me.

What would your life be like if your relationship problems did not exist?

Take some time to answer the above question (what would my life be like if my relationship problems did not exist?). Think about the significant overall change that would occur if your relationship problems disappeared. All of the time and money you were previously spending on trying to solve those issues would be freed up to use for anything you want. Maybe you could finally take that vacation you have dreaming about. Now that your relationship problems are gone, that vacation can be an enjoyable experience for you and your significant other. Imagine how much stress would be eliminated from your life. It would not only be the absence of stress, but the addition of a happy and supportive relationship. You would have more energy to focus on work, school, or personal life. Your sleep and sex life would improve drastically. Most importantly, you would actually enjoy spending time with your loved one and look forward to seeing him or her at the end of the day.

Make the call.

I am here to help you. All you have to do is decide that you want to make some positive change in your life and take the first step to contact me and set up your first appointment. Imagine your life without your relationship problems and let me show you how to make that a reality in your relationship.

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